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Do the work in Winter, sit back come Spring. 6 reasons to start your garden renovations now.

It’s easy to see why most of us turn our backs on the garden once the cold sets in. But with no mowing and weeding to worry about, it’s a great opportunity to get updates or repairs underway.

Here are 6 reasons why getting your decking and fencing work done in winter makes good sense:

  • You’re not using the garden

As I’ve said, we tend to avoid the garden in winter, so any work you do won’t get in anyone’s way. And doing it now means once the first daffs appear, it’s all ready for you to enjoy.

  • It’s easier to find an installer

At busy times (spring and summer), decking and fencing installers, landscapers etc. are often booked up. Come winter, when demand drops, you’ll get a quicker call back and quote for your job.

  • Shorter lead times

As above, the lower demand means installers will be more readily available to come and do your decking or fencing job, nice and promptly, no long waits.
  • More in-stock product

Lower customer demand over winter also means it’s more likely the composite decking, fencing or balustrade products you choose will be in stock and available. So no waiting on orders.
  • Less damage to foliage

Come winter, trees, plants and shrubs have died back so it’s easier to install fencing and there’s less likelihood of any damage to your foliage.
  • Doing it before it fails

If your deck or fence is on its last legs, freezing weather and bad storms can be the last straw. Getting it fixed or replaced before that happens is easier than waiting until spring/summer, when you may have a wait to get it installed.

On another note, I’ve had my own shed broken into in January more than once – perhaps because the garden is a lot quieter in winter? It made me think that broken fencing could be an ‘easy in’ for opportunist burglars.


Don’t let winter weather put you off

So, the moral of this winter’s tale: don’t let cold weather be a barrier to getting your garden in shape for next Spring.
For the most part, winter conditions won’t cause any problems for decking and fencing installation (concrete setting can occasionally be an issue in extremely cold weather but your installer can schedule around it).

 The big bonus:

Do the work now and by the time the sun’s back you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labour, sipping G&Ts on your nice new deck.


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